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Quality Garage Door Service Long Beach, CA 562-475-4318Door springs are crucial components ensuring seamless operation of the door. They raise and lower it smoothly. Such components will bear the maximal structural weight. Over time they are prone to breakage and wear. The broken springs pose critical hazard to property and life. Is the garage door torsion springs not working properly? Is it showing signs of wear and tear? Do not worry, Quality Garage Door Service will replace, repair, and tighten them for you.

We have the expert skills and knowledge to work effectively with spring mechanisms. Our technicians make the right selections for you. We will pick them depending upon the door weight and size of the door. Improper fitting of the springs or inappropriate choices to lift designated loads could lead to serious consequences. You need to call professional service providers with the required expertise and reputation in the industry.

Quality Garage Door Service is a name to reckon with for installation, replacement, and repair of garage doors in Long Beach, CA area. With over 10 years of experience in repairs and servicing garage door with its various components, we are the people to call for torsion or extension springs repair. We offer extensive services complete with spring restoration and replacement. We will also provide useful guidance for proper maintenance of doors springs.

We use only the superior grade products with guaranteed longevity, safe operations. What is your budget and requirements? Based upon this, we may suggest any one of the following two spring types.

Torsion Springs

When compared to extension springs, the torsion springs used advanced technology making them both reliable and safe. These are robust because of unique mechanisms within. The overall setup consists of a spring tightly wound, cables running across drums on both ends. When you lift the door, the spring unwinds. This will transfer the stored energy to the two cables. These cables in turn will lift the garage door. The presence of the cables lends additional safety. It will hold the door even with a broken spring.

Because of the robustness and the safety features associated with torsion variety, they are quite popular. You can install them with all door types from the simplest single doors containing two or less springs as well as the industrial doors that are quite heavy, requiring multiple spring operations.

Extension springs

These work on the principle of contraction-expansion and are capable of bearing heavy loads. When the door remains closed the spring will be in default state, the expanded position. When you raise the door, it contracts. This spring generates enormous tension so could be dangerous for a novice to handle. When worn-out, it will snap easily releasing stored energy. This leads to serious damage. While these are inexpensive for new extension springs installation, you need to maintain them regularly.

Quality Garage Door Service experts will give you the appropriate suggestions for the best spring to use. Call us now to know more.